Welcome to
Khalsa Hosiery

Since 1969 we are present in the market proudly serving the schools of the Gorakhnath Baba City-Gorakhpur and its neighbouring cities and towns.

Khalsa Hosiery believes in excellence and best quality standards for its products. Quality Standards are maintained keeping in mind the utmost comfort to the uniform wearer and the best value proposition one can get for their money.

Every garment we supply or any school accessories we procure are under stringent quality control norms. The experienced and practised handling of our business operations as well as the well-versed support provided by our professional staff. We are currently managing over 100’s of Institutes.

Our History

Khalsa Hosiery is an ISO Certified entity and it has always kept customer satisfaction as its top most priority which ensures to maintain long and enduring relationship with our honoured consumers.

Our founder, Shri Harbans Singh visualised to maintain the school uniform quality and to create a one stop solution for all school related items under one roof. He then founded Khalsa Hosiery with just small number of schools. He gave the quality, he gave the customer better value for their money spent. The legacy started to further expand when his son Mr. Harmeet Singh joined the business in 1980’s and furthermore his younger son Mr. Karanjeet Singh in 1990’s with the same motive at the back of their mind and to create a revolution. By God’s Grace it's been over 5 decades as of now and we cover most of the schools of Gorakhpur and of neighbouring parts.

Due to the love and support of people of Gorakhpur we are here at this part of life that we are the well known achievers of Gorakhpur in school uniform sector of Gorakhpur and also it has enabled us to endeavour fruitfully in the business.